CURT 57004 Trailer Wiring Connector Adapter


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CURT offers a quick and simple solution in the form of an electrical adapter. An adapter is an electrical device that allows a connection to be made between a mismatched trailer plug and vehicle socket. It easily plugs in your vehicle’s electrical socket and usually requires no additional wiring. CURT offers an array of adapters to accommodate most types of plugs and sockets, including 4-way flat, 4-way round, 5-way flat, 6-way round, 7-way RV blades and more. This electrical adapter is designed to adapt a 7-way RV blade vehicle socket to fit a 4-way or 5-way flat plug on a trailer with LED lights. It features built-in resistors for vehicles with computers that don’t recognize LED lights and enables them to be compatible with trailers that have them. It also has a simple plug-and-play design and requires no splicing. All CURT wiring and electrical products come with a one-year limited warranty to give you the assurance you need to tow with confidence.

End Type: 7 Blade To 4/ 5 Flat

Color: Black

Adapts A 7-Way RV Blade Vehicle Socket To Fit 4-Way Or 5-Way Flat Trailer Plugs
Enables Vehicles With A 7-Way RV Blade Socket To Recognize LED Trailer Lights
Built-In, Integrated Resistors For Computers That Don Inch Recognize LED Lights
4-Way Flat Output Connects Tail Lights, Brake Lights And Turn Signals
5-Way Flat Adds Connection For Reverse Lights
Simple Plug-And-Play Design Eliminates The Need For Cutting Or Splicing
Limited 1 Year Warranty

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