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CURT 1-7/8 Inch trailer balls are constructed from high-strength steel to match the towing power of your class 1 or class 2 trailer hitch and ball mount and come with fine threads on the shank for improved holding strength. Having a trailer ball that matches your coupler size is absolutely essential. At CURT, our trailer balls are engineered to be precisely fitted. When we stamp 1-7/8 Inch into the top of each hitch ball, we actually mean 1-7/8 Inch . This CURT tow ball features a ball capacity of 2,000 Pounds. It is able to tow most utility trailers, boat trailers, campers, smaller livestock trailers and some recreational vehicle haulers. As with any trailer, be sure that your towing equipment is capable of handling the load before hitching up. This trailer ball also features a 3/4 Inch shank diameter, a 1-5/8 Inch shank length, 0 Inch of rise and a nickel-chrome finish to protect against corrosion and wear. Like all CURT trailer balls, our 1-7/8 Inch balls are tested for your safety and meet all U.S. VESC specifications.

Gross Trailer Weight (LB): 2000 Pound

Ball Diameter (IN): 1-7/8 Inch

Shank Diameter (IN): 3/4 Inch

Shank Length (IN): 3 Inch

Color: Silver

Material: Steel

Finish: Chrome Plated

Constructed From High-Strength, Hot-Forged Steel
Protected By A Durable Chrome-Plated Finish
Features Fine Threads For Superior Holding Strength
Tested For Safety To Meet U.S. VESC V-5 Specifications
Zinc-Plated Hexagonal Nut And Helical Lock Washer For Secure Mounting
Fits 1-7/8 Inch Couplers And Accepts Up To 2,000 Pounds GTW
Limited 1 Year Warranty

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