CURT 23198 Trailer Wheel Bearing Dust Cap


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Acting like a cap for your wheel bearings, CURT bearing protectors offer essential benefits for your trailer, lubricating and keeping out dirt, road grime and moisture. A bad wheel bearing can start out as a mere annoyance, but before long, it can turn into a huge problem. With CURT wheel bearing protectors, you can ensure that your wheels keep turning, quiet as a mouse. These plastic bearing protector covers fit over the end of the protector for even more defence against the elements. Choose a set of CURT bearing protectors for your trailer wheels and get the most out of your towing. This set of bearing protector covers features a 1.98 Inch hub Diameter.

Compatibility: 1.98 Inch Hub Diameter

Color: Gray

Material: Plastic

Quantity: Set Of 2

Prevents Dust And Debris From Entering The Bearing Protector
Bearing Protector Maintains Pressure And Keeps Bearing Greased
Limited 1 Year Warranty

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